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When you apply for a job with us you should feel confident that you will be judged fairly and that we give all candidates the same opportunities to get a job with us. As part of this, we work with a structured recruitment process which is based on a clear job profile as a common thread throughout the entire process, from application to employment decision. In this way, we have a clear and consistent picture of what is important in the current role and can stick to it through all steps in the recruitment. We want to ensure that we focus on what is really relevant and assess everyone in a fair and as objective way as possible. 

As one part of the process, we use tests, a logical problem-solving test and a personality test. The tests are based on scientific research and give us the opportunity to objectively assess your strengths and any challenges in relation to the role. The result can be summarized as one of the pieces of the puzzle in our understanding of your match to the role and forms the basis for the continued recruitment process with us. 

We are aware that you as a candidate spend a lot of time on your application with us. Our success as an employer and company is completely dependent on us being able to hire talented and committed employees like you. In that work, it becomes essential that we treat all candidates equally and are careful to assess those who apply in a fair way. We hope you agree with us and would like to thank you for the time you spend on your application.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions. If you are interested, please send your application and resume according to the instructions on the job ad or connect with us.

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